I was born in the coastal region of British Columbia and have been passionate about mountain sports and adventure since a young age. My interest in landscape photography comes from many years of exploring the Pacific Northwest, which has fuelled a strong desire to reproduce the breathtaking scenes that this beautiful province has to offer. When I'm not taking photos, I enjoy a wide range of activities that includes skiing, hiking, rock climbing, whitewater kayaking, and mountain biking. 

I strongly believe that breaking away from routine is important towards living a fulfilling and meaningful life. I am always eager to travel to new places and to test my abilities at new sports, activities and endeavours. Seeing how different societies and cultures function in their daily lives often provides valuable insight and perspective into all of the opportunities that we have within our grasp, and gives us a new sense of appreciation for all that we have to be grateful for.

Looking to the future, I plan to continue my travels and to forge new understandings about people, places and cultures. I hope that my shots will inspire others to get out and explore this incredible region and will provide initiative to help protect and preserve our public lands. 

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